Rapid Packaging Finalizes Acquisition of Lawgix International; Expands Multi-Trip Bulk Bag Program

February 20, 2024

Rapid Packaging, Inc. acquired Lawgix International to strengthen their national supply chain strategy their FIBC, and industrial bag division. This addition expands the sustainability solutions offered through the
Multi-Trip Bulk Bag Program, pioneered by former Lawgix International President/CEO, Mike Lawrentz.

Customers in agriculture, food manufacturing, resin production, and more have been clamoring for a solution to the single-use bulk bags on the market today. Developing a Use-and-Reuse Loop in partnership with their multi-national customers has demonstrated the reliability and durability of a traceable, sustainable bag program. For over 20 years, the Multi-Trip Bulk Bag Program has been the trailblazer in this space.

Rapid Packaging, Inc. is actively building out additional capacity to support growing sustainable solutions both domestically and internationally. Mike Sime, Rapid Packaging’s co-CEO stated, “The impact of legislation introduced – like California’s SB665 and SB64 – on the packaging industry, is increasing our investment to handle the demand. This is not a trend or a nice-to-have, this is happening. Rapid Packaging, Inc. is committed to lead the way.”

To learn more about the Multi-Trip Bag Program or the capabilities:
Email: Info@nationalbulkbag.com (Subject Line: Multi-Trip Bag Program)
Call or text: Sam Singer (763) 404-8944

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