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Lawgix International, Inc. was founded by a core leadership team with years of experience, diverse skills, and strong alliances with both suppliers and customers. The mission of Lawgix is to fill a need for top quality, safe packaging at a fair price while providing superior service and high integrity to our customers.

In addition to providing Food-Grade multi-trip bulk bag programs for its customers, Lawgix provides bulk bags made specifically for Railcar and ocean container applications. Our other services include importing and distributing small, woven polypropylene bags and “single use” bulk bags. Lawgix also offers Polyethylene Bags, Burlap Bags, Stretch Wrap, Sewing Machines/Repair Service, Slip-Trays (an alternative to wood pallets), Multiwall Paper Bags, Woven Poly Bags, Jute Twine, Sewing Thread, New and Used Bulk Bags, and Bulk Bag printing. Custom printing on small and large quantities of paper and poly bags is one of our specialties.

Here are  just a few examples of the core values that Lawgix International possess: Service and Value with a focus on Sustainability. 

Service - We strive to achieve the highest possible level of service and care to our customers and constantly seek ways to perpetually improve upon customer satisfaction. We employ packaging experts that work hand-in-hand with our clients to implement the correct packaging designed for their individual needs. Satisfied customers are our best marketing tool.

Value - With supplying partners in the U.S. and throughout the world, we commit to finding the best possible value for our customers while ensuring that we look at ways to add value to our  products.

SustainabilityThis is extremely important to Lawgix as the majority of the products we sell will be 100% recyclable. We will be environmentally sensitive in our recommendations for packaging programs. Our multi-trip bulk packaging program is one example of how we can reduce the packaging waste that goes into the world’s landfills.


Lawgix International is easily accessible being located along North Central Ohio’s Interstate 71 north/south corridor in Ashland,OH. We welcome new and old friends, customers and trading partners to contact us by calling (toll free) at 866-289-5558 (or 419-289-5558) Send a Fax: 419-289-6727 Or send us an E-mail: info@lawgixintl.com 
Check out our YouTube channel for multi-lingual videos about our company and other clips!

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