Here's what our customers are saying about us:

"We have been using Lawgix International for bags for our Milling Operation for years. Mainly because of their SERVICE and QUALITY PRODUCTS. Almost all of our shipping supplies come from Lawgix as well. Orders are always accurate and the friendly Customer Service and helpful reminders are much appreciated."

- Ron Aldrich
Ellsworth Farmers Exchange 

"Great products at great prices! The customer service is second to none!"

- Jake Wilson, Feed Miller
Loudonville Equity 

"Very satisfied with the service that we get from LAWGIX. If product we’re looking for is unavailable they usually have an option to fill our needs."

- Spokesman
Michigan Ag Company 

"Kevin and the Staff at Lawgix are professional and prompt with orders. LAWGIX is the only company we buy our sewing machines and bulk bags from."

- Loyal Customer
Pennsylvania Ag Company 

"It’s a pleasure working with a credible company that values its relationships with customers like we’ve experienced at Salamonie Mills."

- John Jacobs
Salamonie Mills 

"We have doing business with Lawgix for over 10 years now and have been very happy with the service they provide. They have helped fulfill our needs for the bulk totes, BOPP bags, desiccant, and thread that we use in our business. They do not pressure us to buy from them, but have competitive pricing options. They have always treated us fairly. We have also had little to no issues with the quality of the products provided or with scheduled delivery times. They are prompt and attentive to our needs, and we enjoy working with them."

- Loyal Customer
Michigan Dry Bean Shipper 

"Lawgix to me epitomize customer service. Some suppliers will go the extra mile when asked to do so, Lawgix go the extra mile without being asked and often don’t even make us aware that they have done so."

- Steve Jackson
H.J. Heinz Co. 

"We have been buying MegaBase bulk bags from Lawgix and they are fantastic. I have been using them for almost 2 years and found that I can cut the time and labor it takes to move them by only using one person. AND I’ve reduced lost product because the bags are much stronger and DO NOT RIP!!! (Even when using three, two or ONLY ONE loop to pick up fallen bags.) They are quicker to fill and the vertical lines on the bagshelp in double stacking, allowing straighter stacks and rows. I don’t want to use any other bulk bag!"

- Greg Schneider
Manager, Yellowstone Bean Co. 

"Lawgix is committed to the quality of their product and committed to servicing their customers. They treat you like family. "

- Joe Santos

"Good people supplying quality products on time."

- Ralph Currie
Thompsons Limited 

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